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Specimen Code Number: av11
Learn more about: Cinnabar
Ex Foote Collection
Antique Collection
Size: Small Cabinet
1.02x8.4x4.0 cm
Location: Alameda County
Description: This specimen hails from the Foote collection. An excellent biography of A.E. Foote and his mineral dealings can be found within the Mineralogical Record Biographical Archive.

Click here to read the biography..

This specimen consists of matrix that displays numerous, elongated, dark red cinnabar "filaments" to approximately 1cm. No noticeable damage.

I conferred with John Veevaert about this specimen and in his opinion, he believes it originated from the New Almaden Mine from a time when Alameda County was much larger than it is today.

This is truly a historic and highly desirable specimen from a noted family. I'm happy to present it here today for your admiration and bidding pleasure. Enjoy!
Fluorescent under SW UV light.
Contact Dealer: Andrei Rykoff
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SOLD for: $63.00