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Specimen Code Number: Geo-X116-5
Learn more about: Rhodochrosite
Size: Thumbnail
2.7x2.5x1.2 cm
Location: Sunnyside Mine
Description: Two Interesting symmetrical cores of rhodochrosite (visible on the bottom) of a distinctive orange or peach color seen on only one other Sunnyside piece. Surrounding each core, are small to drusy Quartz crystals. At the apex, the two columns are terminated by identical caps of orange tabular crystals of Rhodo with high luster to 2mm. Unhappily, despite the identical color and crystals of Rhodo, the two columns appear to be assembled or repaired despite the lack of declaration by the seller. I favor the former as the two quartz columns are of differemnt shades of white, quite distictly so from the back, and slightly larger crystals. Despite the lack of a match, the two columns must have come from the same pocket because of the unique architecture and rhodo color. Interesting piece actuially made more intriguing by the repair.
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SOLD for: $25.00