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Jun. 1, 2018
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clear hexagonal
tabular crystals

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Specimen Code Number: DE Bisbee Calcite
Learn more about: Calcite
Water Clear
tabby crystals
Size: Small Cabinet
9.0x8.0x4.0 cm
Location: Bisbee,
Warren District,
Cochise Co., Arizona
Description: Calcite specimens from Bisbee were varied in both crystal habit and form. Most of the tabular examples were in colors that included shades of brown or tan from inclusions of various other clays, iron, copper, etc. On rare occasion, clear tabular crystals were found. Here's an old timer from early mining days with just that example. A few incomplete crystals difficult to find, but very aesthetic and as good as they get. See the old Trimingham label shown here for more details. A Bisbee rarity not often seen. Ex. Carl Noren Collection from Frazier's Minerals.
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SOLD for: $136.00

$136.00 6:09.41 PM May. 17, 2018 RayMc
$135.00 6:09.40 PM May. 17, 2018 chuckd
$126.00 4:05.55 PM May. 12, 2018 RayMc
$125.00 4:05.54 PM May. 12, 2018 chuckd
$101.00 9:05.34 AM May. 12, 2018 chuckd
$100.00 9:05.33 AM May. 12, 2018 RayMc
$76.00 4:09.16 PM May. 11, 2018 RayMc
$75.00 4:09.15 PM May. 11, 2018 chuckd
$24.00 12:46.49 PM May. 11, 2018 chuckd
$23.00 12:46.48 PM May. 11, 2018 rocklifter
$15.00 10:33.32 AM May. 11, 2018 chuckd
$14.00 10:33.31 AM May. 11, 2018 bigd_rx
$1.00 10:31.45 AM May. 11, 2018 bigd_rx