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var. of Pyrite

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Specimen Code Number: DE Bravoite on Pyrit
Learn more about: Bravoite
Superb example
unusual species
Size: Small Cabinet
9.4x7.5x5.3 cm
Location: Rico Claims,
Costilla County,
Description: Bravoite is a discredited name today, but popular several decades ago. When it was a valid species most pyrite with a grey coating such as those from Rio Rico, Colorado, were labeled bravoite. Often referred to today as "Nickeloan variety of Pyrite" even though other elements may substitute in the place of nickel (antimony, lead, or copper). This specimen is an excellent example of the bravoite grey coating on the pyrite crystals. Old label states Gilman, Colorado, but research points to Rico District in Colorado as the correct one. The pyritohedron crystals are exceptional for the locality. A long forgotten Colorado mineral variety. Weight is 1lb, 12 oz. (792 grams).
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SOLD for: $87.00

$87.00 5:51.38 PM May. 17, 2018 argo
$86.00 5:51.37 PM May. 17, 2018 David12
$68.00 5:51.14 PM May. 17, 2018 David12
$67.00 5:51.13 PM May. 17, 2018 argo
$37.00 11:46.53 AM May. 17, 2018 David12
$36.00 11:46.52 AM May. 17, 2018 JPL
$35.00 1:34.53 PM May. 15, 2018 JPL
$34.00 1:34.52 PM May. 15, 2018 marek110
$32.00 12:43.49 PM May. 11, 2018 marek110
$31.00 12:43.48 PM May. 11, 2018 clam
$25.00 12:16.05 PM May. 11, 2018 clam
$24.00 12:16.04 PM May. 11, 2018 JPL
$1.00 11:13.38 AM May. 11, 2018 clam