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Bromian var. Chlorargyrite
in Barite matrix

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Specimen Code Number: DE Chlorargyrite Sil
Learn more about: Chlorargyrite var. Bromian
Calico Silver ore
Circa 1896
Size: Small Cabinet
7.7x6.7x2.5 cm
Location: Silver King Mine,
Calico District,
San Bernardino Co,
Description: The specimen shown is an example of Bromian variety of Chlorargyrite, a rich silver chloride intermixed with Barite. It is essentially a section of a vein made up of bromian chlorargyrite and barite "sandwiched" between two layers of pale red rhyolite. What also makes it special is where and when it was mined. The locality is The Silver King Mine (circa 1892-1896) in the old Calico District of Southern California. From the prior specimen owner's notes, this is original ore mined before the mine shut down in 1896 (see attached). For California collectors, this is a very rare example of early silver mining in the state.
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SOLD for: $226.00

$226.00 3:32.25 PM May. 17, 2018 sarcher
$225.00 3:32.24 PM May. 17, 2018 Skip
$201.00 7:07.52 AM May. 12, 2018 Skip
$200.00 7:07.51 AM May. 12, 2018 chuckd
$146.00 7:07.22 AM May. 12, 2018 chuckd
$145.00 7:07.21 AM May. 12, 2018 Skip
$111.00 7:07.00 AM May. 12, 2018 chuckd
$110.00 7:06.59 AM May. 12, 2018 Skip
$81.00 7:06.42 AM May. 12, 2018 chuckd
$80.00 7:06.41 AM May. 12, 2018 Skip
$64.00 4:01.10 PM May. 11, 2018 chuckd
$63.00 4:01.09 PM May. 11, 2018 rocinrol
$1.00 10:34.44 AM May. 11, 2018 chuckd