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Covellite from obscure
Colorado locality

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Specimen Code Number: DE Covellite Cashin
Learn more about: Covellite
Microcrystalline Covellite
with granular Dolomite
Size: Miniature
6.3x4.6x4.0 cm
Location: Cashin Mine,
La Sal District,
Montrose County, Colorado
Description: Most Colorado covellite specimens seen today came from Summitville District in Rio Grande County. Here's one that comes from a very obscure locality, The Cashin Mine of the La Sal District in Montrose County. This locality is unusual for copper since the geology is a shale and sandstone deposit. It was also noted for native copper, native silver, domeykite, and chalcocite among others. Very obscure and quite rare for US covellite.
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SOLD for: $74.00

$74.00 5:34.37 PM May. 17, 2018 chuckd
$73.00 5:34.36 PM May. 17, 2018 Lamat
$70.00 12:48.25 PM May. 17, 2018 chuckd
$69.00 12:48.24 PM May. 17, 2018 frankgold
$48.00 9:12.22 AM May. 12, 2018 chuckd
$47.00 9:12.21 AM May. 12, 2018 frankgold
$13.00 2:13.18 PM May. 11, 2018 frankgold
$12.00 2:13.17 PM May. 11, 2018 bigd_rx
$1.00 10:27.53 AM May. 11, 2018 bigd_rx