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Native Gold in Quartz

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Specimen Code Number: DE Gold Tiger
Learn more about: Gold
Tiger Arizona
GOLD in matrix
Size: Thumbnail
2.5x0.9x0.8 cm
Location: Mohawk Mine,
(Mammoth-St.Anthony Mine)
Tiger, Pinal Co., Arizona
Description: This specimen has several small patches of native gold embedded in a partial iron stained massive quartz matrix from Tiger, Arizona. Frank Schultz discovered gold here early in 1881 at Mohawk Mine (part of the later Mammoth-St.Anthony Mine). The example seen here was sold in a small box with a few other pieces being prepared by Fred Stohl, a noted East Coast micromounter. Part of his collection was being dispersed by another East Coast Dealer about two years ago and Fred had never completed the mounts. The original specimen must have been larger since the box they were in had several similar small pieces. A very rare Arizona classic.
Contact Dealer: Dan Evanich
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SOLD for: $268.00

$268.00 3:39.45 PM May. 17, 2018 sarcher
$267.00 3:39.44 PM May. 17, 2018 frankgold
$248.00 3:39.28 PM May. 17, 2018 sarcher
$247.00 3:39.27 PM May. 17, 2018 frankgold
$190.00 3:33.44 PM May. 17, 2018 sarcher
$189.00 3:33.43 PM May. 17, 2018 frankgold
$53.00 2:17.04 PM May. 11, 2018 frankgold
$52.00 2:17.03 PM May. 11, 2018 xtalmatrix
$42.00 12:52.08 PM May. 11, 2018 xtalmatrix
$41.00 12:52.07 PM May. 11, 2018 minguy1
$34.00 12:51.45 PM May. 11, 2018 xtalmatrix
$33.00 12:51.44 PM May. 11, 2018 minguy1
$1.00 11:06.10 AM May. 11, 2018 xtalmatrix